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Quicklock represents a purely mechanical method for conducting internal pipe repairs. This innovative approach eliminates the need for resin. It relies solely on two key elements: a structural body made from 316L stainless steel, enveloped by a seamless EPDM rubber seal for compression. The process involves inserting the sleeve through a manhole directly into the pipe and aligning it with the compromised area. An inflatable packer is then employed to expand the sleeve, securing it firmly in place for a lasting fix.

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What Defines the Quick-Lock System?

The Quick-Lock system embodies the pinnacle of German engineering with its innovative, compression-based, trenchless pipe repair technology. Constructed from premium stainless steel and EPDM rubber, it requires no resins, chemicals, or adhesives for installation. QuickLock offers an efficient and robust solution for refurbishing sewer lines, water mains, and potable water distribution networks.

Designed in Germany and leveraging compression technology, Quick-Lock serves as a reliable solution for repairing sewer and stormwater pipelines.

The QuickLock mechanism is crafted for swift and simple installation, requiring minimal preparatory work. Its robust and enduring design ensures a secure, permanent fix, providing users with enduring confidence and reduced risk.

Types of Quick-Lock

QuickLock Standard

Among the QuickLock range, the Standard model stands out for its widespread use. It is crafted with V4A stainless steel casings and equipped with seamless EDPM rubber seals that possess an auto-locking capability. The QuickLock Standard is designed to address typical issues found in piping systems. It is suitable for pipe diameters ranging from 150 DN to 800 DN, ensuring broad compatibility.

QuickLock Big

The QuickLock Big is designed as a split sleeve aimed at the efficient restoration of large, walk-through pipe systems. Constructed from the same high-quality V4A material and EDPM, this version of QuickLock allows for simple insertion through the pipe’s entry point. Once in place, the dedicated QuickLock Large expansion tool is utilised to precisely widen the sleeve, ensuring a snug fit where necessary.

End Liner Sleeve

The Liner Termination Sleeve is a cutting-edge addition to the QuickLock lineup, engineered for the seamless integration of hose liners with existing piping and infrastructures. It ensures a permanent bond between the new liner and the older pipe, specifically designed to resist the wear and tear associated with high-pressure cleaning routines.

Key characteristics of the QuickLock trenchless repair system are:

  • Constructed from resilient, long-lasting materials
  • Compliant with the regulatory requirements of construction codes
  • Successfully tested by IKT on pipe diameters from DN 150 to DN 600 for resistance against high-pressure washes and ensuring a watertight seal
  • Addresses the shrinkage properties of GR in liners
  • Offers a straightforward and efficient method for correcting misalignments

How the QuickLock System Operates

QuickLock systems utilise advanced pneumatic packers to transport the stainless steel sleeve directly to the compromised section of the pipe. This is done under the vigilant supervision of an operator using CCTV for guidance. Upon reaching the targeted spot, the packers are inflated. This enables the sleeve to expand and secure itself firmly in position through a built-in ratcheting mechanism.

Without the need for additional adhesives or anchoring devices, QuickLock achieves formidable pipe reinforcement by adjusting its expansion to the precise pressure needed by the damaged area. Available sleeve lengths include 400mm, 485mm, and 500mm. Also, there are a variety of diameters ranging from 145mm to 762mm to accommodate different pipe sizes.

For larger-scale QuickLock pipe repairs, the Big system offers solutions featuring sleeve sizes that extend from 800mm to as large as 1600mm.

Advantages of Using the QuickLock System

The QuickLock system presents a flexible solution for pipe repairs, offering both targeted point fixes and the option for extended corrections through overlapping installations. It can also serve as a supplementary support to other lining methods, enhancing their durability. Key advantages of QuickLock for both municipal and private pipeline networks include:

  • Trenchless installation technology ensures minimal environmental and operational disruption.
  • Swift, efficient, and effective repairs requiring little to no prior setup.
  • Its adaptability in terms of length and diameter makes QuickLock suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • A track record of over 15 years on the market underscores its reliability and performance.
  • The combination of stainless steel and seamless EDPM rubber in its design significantly reduces health and safety concerns.

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Choosing the Best Quick-lock professionals

As a premier solution, QuickLock trenchless pipe repair demands the expertise of specialised professionals for optimal installation. At Enviro Drainage Services, we provide such expertise, employing advanced CCTV remote monitoring to facilitate Quick-Lock drain repairs of hard-to-reach pipes with minimal surface disturbance. This approach offers a cost-efficient and durable method for addressing pipe damage. Our goal is to deliver cutting-edge, innovative service for pipe inspection and targeted QuickLock sewer repairs, catering to the dynamic and progressive needs of our commercial clients.