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CCTV Pipe & Drain Inspections in Melbourne

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) inspection services are becoming increasingly popular for government and civil work projects, especially around drainage culvert inspections. The use of CCTV cameras in drainage culverts supplies real-time footage of the interior of the channel. It helps to identify any potential blockages or damage that may affect the overall performance of the drainage system. 

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The importance of CCTV inspections

Drainage is a critical aspect of any property, and when not properly maintained, it can lead to severe damage and costly repairs. Drain and culvert cleaning is an essential task that must be carried out in neighbourhoods regularly to ensure proper functioning. Drainage culverts are designed to manage water flow and prevent flooding, but if they become clogged or damaged, they can cause significant problems. From overflowing gutters to blocked drains, drainage issues can cause water to accumulate in unwanted areas and create a breeding ground for mould and bacteria.  

To keep surface water moving away quickly and lower the danger of floods, culverts must be regularly inspected. Because of this, CCTV pipe inspection and drain mapping should be a significant component of business maintenance plans and budgets. Therefore, a drainage contractor that supplies top-notch services is essential in keeping roads in top condition. 

Enviro Drainage Services supplies a wide range of services to help prevent drainage issues from occurring in the first place. We provide regular maintenance services such as CCTV, culvert cleaning, drain cleaning, pipe relining, and NDD to ensure your drainage system works correctly and efficiently. Using the most recent electronic reporting and surveying technologies, our team offers Mainline CCTV Drain surveys with diameters ranging from 50mm to 2 metres at cost-effective prices.  

cctv drain camera in a commercial sewer system
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What Is CCTV Inspection? ​

CCTV inspection, also known as closed-circuit television inspection, is a highly effective way of finding problems in the drainage system. This service involves the use of specialised cameras to inspect the inside of your pipes, allowing professionals to quickly locate the source of any blockages, cracks, or other issues. CCTV drain inspection provides a visual representation of the condition of pipes, allowing for accurate assessments and repairs to be made.

At Enviro Drainage Services, we survey culvert drains or blocked drains of any dimension and construction using various techniques. One of our most popular services is CCTV Drain Surveys. Using push rod cameras and tractor cameras, we can inspect the inside of your pipes and find any drain blockages or damage that may be present. Our state-of-the-art electronic reporting system allows us to supply detailed, correct assessments of the pipes’ condition. 

With cutting-edge CCTV equipment and skilled operators, we can check a variety of pipes up to any length between 500 metres in access points. Enviro Drainage Services uses the latest technology and techniques to ensure that Melbourne’s culvert and drainage systems function at their best. We are recognised for reaching even the most inaccessible places and always adhere to the highest health and safety standards.

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The Purpose Of Civil Drain Inspections ​

The importance of CCTV drain inspections of drainage culverts cannot be overstated. Drainage culverts play a critical role in managing stormwater runoff and protecting communities from the risk of flooding. When a culvert becomes damaged or clogged, it can cause a backup of water, resulting in flooding and property damage. Also, regular inspections and culvert cleaning help to find and address any issues before they escalate into major problems. 

The use of CCTV cameras in drainage culvert inspections has several benefits. First, it allows engineers and inspectors to see the interior of the culvert in real time. This helps supply a comprehensive view of the condition of the channel and the surrounding environment.   

Second, it reduces the risk for the workers, as the inspection can be performed remotely without the need for workers to enter the culvert. Also, the CCTV supplies a permanent inspection record, which can be used for future reference and analysis. 

CCTV Civil Drain Inspections

Frequently Asked Questions About CCTV Drain Surveys​

What is CCTV pipe inspection?

CCTV pipe inspection makes it possible to find and evaluate clogs, leaks, and pipe damage in areas we normally cannot see. These innovative video tools aid companies in finding and fixing concealed pipe problems brought on by weather, incursion, or corrosion.  

CCTV drain survehelps figure out the source othe issue and if there are any obstructions in drains. Imight be anything from a build-up of oil and fat tleak that can damage the pipe or drainage system. 

A flexible fibre optic scope and a high-resolution video camera are used for video pipe inspection. The camera can be used for even the most difficult tasks since it is strong and waterproofViewing thpipe’s interior is possible thanks to an LED light on the inspection rod’s end. 

CCTV drain surveys capture everything they view, cutting the need for operators to find the blockage in real-time. Instead, they review the video and identify the problems with the drains and pipes. 

Pipeline radiography (RT) and ultrasonic testing (UT), particularly phased array ultrasonic testing (PAUT), are the best and most widely used pipe inspection methods. These well-liked NDT pipeline inspection methods for pipes may be utilised to find defects without endangering the asset. 

The region that needs examination is checked through water-resistant cameras. Since the camera supplies a live feed that your plumber can see on a video display, CCTV inspection cameras supply real-time information. 

The length and diameter of the drains might affect how long it takes to do a CCTV drain survey. They can be accomplished in two hours for a standard drainage system. However, it will need more time for a more extensive system. 

Wincan Footage​

It is required to conduct CCTV Surveys on current Council and Water authority Infrastructure in any instance of new construction activity above ground or the installation of house connections. Such activities can include a range of operations, such as subdividing lands, building over easements, and property renovations. These surveys are necessary to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and standards.  

Moreover, compliance with the WSA05 Code, as diagnosed through Wincan, is mandatory with these surveys. This code specifies the minimum requirements for the condition assessment of sewer and drain pipelines. Wincan is an industry-standard software that facilitates the condition assessment of underground infrastructure. Our advanced fibre optic Crawler cameras can detect and capture visual data of every join and defect in a pipeline. These cameras are capable of panning and tilting, which enables the inspector to get a clear view of the condition of the pipes. 

CCTV surveys provide comprehensive and accurate information about the current condition of the underground infrastructure. This information is crucial for identifying any issues that need to be addressed and for planning and executing remedial measures. In this way, CCTV surveys help to prevent damage to the infrastructure and ensure the efficient and safe delivery of services to the public. 

In summary, conducting CCTV surveys is a necessary and crucial step in any new construction activity above ground or the installation of house connections. Compliance with the WSA05 Code, diagnosed through Wincan, is mandatory with these surveys. Our advanced fibre optic crawler cameras, with the ability to pan and tilt, ensure thorough inspections and help to maintain the integrity of the underground infrastructure. 

At Enviro Drainage Services, you can trust us as we are here if you require professional civil drainage solutions. We offer a wide range of services, have a team of highly trained professionals, and provide exceptional customer service.